July 27, 2017


So how does it work?
Sign up 1 time and show us your ID once and you’re a member. Afterwards, we will come to you with your product.

Where do you serve?
Toronto & Area, including: Oakville, Brampton, Burlington, Pickering, Whitby, Brooklin, Mississauga, & beyond.

How long does it take you to get to me?
Once we receive your order, we head right away to you.

How safe is it?
You will get to know your delivery person(s) well. We are very dedicated to quality products and service.
We are 100% dedicated to your enjoyment and relief. This is what we do and we are always here for YOU.

Alright, I want it, what I do next?
Simply click here, fill out our questionnaire/ form and choose your product. Fill out the location details and we will be dispatched you. We usually head straight forward over to where you are but sometimes we might do a follow up call.

What is your end goal?
Our end goal is to establish a permanent relationship where we deliver to you the products that you need. We want to make it as easy as possible for you rather than having you going through the traffic, worries and any other side-tracking for you to receive your medication.

I still have questions, who do I contact?
If you would like to get in touch please feel to fill out our contact form by clicking here.